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The Inescapable Love of God—Thomas Talbott

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From the Publisher
From the Preface: “This set of reflections is neither a textbook nor a piece of scholarly research. It neither summarizes a specific field of study for students nor advances scholarship in some area of research. It is instead (what I would call) a real book, by which I mean that in it I have tried to reach the most demanding audience of all: that of educated non-specialists. The book is in part an intellectual autobiography, in part the elaboration of an argument, and in part an attempt at persuasive writing. In these pages, I have sought to share with others, particularly those who call themselves “Christians,” some of my own deepest convictions about the nature of God and the world. I have sought to work out, with some degree of consistency, the idea that the universe really is an expression of love, as some of the mystics from many traditions have always insisted.”
Part I chronicles some of Talbott’s early theological struggles and how he came to embrace a doctrine of universal reconciliation: the wondrous idea that God’s love will inevitably triumph in the end and finally transform every created person. Part II sets forth the positive case for his contention that universalism is a plain and obvious teaching of the New Testament. And finally, Part III explores some of the logical inconsistencies in competing theological systems.

These sample chapters are available to the public elsewhere, however, I thought it might be helpful for people to have the combined pdf I made e.g. easier to search a single pdf then multiple ones.
The Inescapable Love of God - chp 1,2,3,5,11.pdf (671 KB)