The Jerome Conspiracy- Michael Wood


I purchased this book about two years ago, and have read it about four times now. It’s main purpose, it seems, is to ‘prove’ that the teaching ‘that Christ will save ALL mankind, not just a few’, was the ‘majority view’ of the early church, but was deliberately ‘covered up’ early on in Church history, and the resulting erroneous teaching of ‘eternal conscious torment in hell’ became the accepted belief.

If anyone has read this book, or is in the process of reading it, (like Sherman) then I would love to discuss and test its claims. :slight_smile:


Hey Catherine, I started another thread on this already. [The Jerome Conspiracy), but we can continue it here if you’d prefer.


Hi Sherman, sorry! :blush: I didn’t see it. I’ll continue to discuss it on your thread. If anyone spots it here, they’ll see the link.

Apologies again. :smiley: