"The Last Day changes the reality of people, Hell and pity"


"]It is so hard to make sense of Hell: how can we rejoice in Heaven when
our loved ones are suffering in Hell?

What if God’s final day of judgment truly changes the reality of
things: when God withdraws his mercy, it is less possible for us to
think or feel meaningfully about mercy?

And what if, when God withdraws that forbearance and decrees that
enough is enough, it is actually not possible to think or feel these
same thoughts and feelings? :open_mouth:

Arrrgh, I’ve lent both my copies of “The Inescapable Love of God” to friends, Talbott is brilliant in this area!! Please feel free to read his post in full and comment, particularly if you can think of some good Bible verses to rebut this awful idea.


Wow, he deleted all my comments! :astonished:

Anyway I posted in on FaceBook and asked the same questions there :unamused: facebook.com/smith.c.alex/p … 5227419442 If you’re not my FB friend, please just ask :slight_smile:


Where does he get this view from that God withdraws his mercy at the day of judgement? It seems very unbiblical to me. And why is he so afraid of honest questions and different points of view? Perhaps he suspects that his doctrine of hell is not sufficiently robust to stand scrutiny or debate. I would respectfully point him in the direction of Gamaliel’s advice in Acts 5. I’d also say that a healthy church has room for different viewpoints and is a safe place for honest debate between people with different perspectives. Hang in there buddy.


Hmmmmm. So he’s trying to understand how he can be happy in heaven knowing multitudes are in hell, but does not want to discuss universalism. *That *makes sense! :unamused:


Thanks everyone for the encouragement and prayers.

I’m trying to be polite and loving, but at the same time question teaching which I honestly believe misrepresents God :frowning: That’s hard to do if you’re not even allowed to ask questions :unamused: