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The Messiah

Join The Bible Project’s next video is out early!

Yep, that was pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

I especially liked the point that being bitten on the heel ought to be fatal – and that it comes before the head crushing.

Wish they had included the same bronze serpent being part of the kingdom, eating dust as prophesied (whatever that literally means, no doubt at least a humility symbol) and playing with children! :mrgreen: But still, good job.

Incidentally, at least one of the guys involved in this series, Gerry Breshears, is a regular co-author with Mark Driscoll.

Yes, that Mark Driscoll.

Tim Mackie, on the other hand, is pastor at a soft Arminian church: assurance of evangelical scope, and at least limited assurance of evangelical persistence to victory (true believers will not fall away).

His church’s credo page is basically built on the Three Big Creeds, but without the (so-called) AthCreed’s “wrapping statements” of gnostic final hopelessness. They affirm the resurrection to damnation, but don’t go into detail about what that involves (though calling it “damnation” instead of “condemnation” or “judgment” or “crisis” sounds hopeless). The list of sermons on-site, and pillars, and gospel proclamation page, don’t go into the question of how hopeless the judgment is or whether there is final unrighteousness.

I might notice, however, that if someone committed to the gospel of total evangelical scope, and someone committed to the gospel of total evangelical victory, got together to make a video series, and each of them wanted to make sure they got their specially important gospel assurances in the content… :laughing: :mrgreen: :ugeek:

Also, according to my calcs it costs $51,000 to make a video of like this (or like the Exodus Part 2 anyway).

2032 = 8%, thus 100% = 25,400 by proportion, x 2 for the matching donation.


hmm … intriguing idea …

Sheesh! They’re great videos, but why so pricy to make?

I don’t reckon you need to x2. i.e. now it’s $1647*100/7=$23,529

However, I just found this on their website

So taking this into consideration & that I’m assuming most of this would be labour, it’s about $1350/week, which is probably 1 person full-time & a couple of others part time.

I reckon it’s a great model as it means it can legally go viral & people don’t have to worry about copyright restrictions when showing it at churches, etc. I’ve signed up for $5 per month :sunglasses:

Hrm… not sure why you’re excluding the “matching” factor which they include… :confused:

Though looking at their Kickstarter bar again, the matching only amounts to half. So it wouldn’t be x2, it would be x1.5.

On the other hand, like you showed the estimated breakdown comes to 20K which is much closer to 23.5K or 25.4K.

On another goofy hand, the proportion ought to remain about the same, not significantly decrease each day…


Okay, my guess at the moment is that someone (maybe Tim’s church?) offered to pay half of the total, the total being around 20K for these videos, and instead of starting with 10K already on the clock the “matching” is being factored in as it goes. That would explain why the “matching” is less than but close to half on the bar (instead of matching the whole total, or starting the bar at half full already), and might explain why the proportional total keeps going down: as it gets closer to 100%, the proportional total approaches 20K.