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The Purifying Lake of Fire (Pruning)


In doing a study of the Lake of fire in Revelation one discovers that the fires are a purifying fire. The word used to describe the fire is theion and means:

A)divine incense, because burning brimstone was regarded as having power to purify, and to ward off disease

This has lead some to say that those who enter the fire are purified. But a better way of looking at it is to say that God’s creation is purified as the sheep are separated from the goats. Kolasis means to prune or cut off. When Christ says depart from me the goats are separated from “all mankind”. All are salted with fire as the sheep are separated from the goats. The pruning takes place so that the body can grow better as the “whole world” is purified by the purging fires. This is the correction that takes place as the goats are separated from God’s mercy. All forms of mercy (common and saving) are removed from the hearts of the goats. As a result their hearts harden. Because of harden hearts they don’t want God and hate Him. The longer their hearts are separated from all mercy the harder it becomes and the more wicked it becomes. The torment they receive is calibrated just right to restrain them from harming each other in the lake of fire. Thus we see God’s severity, kindness and protective love even on those who are tormented in the lake of fire and separated from His mercy.



I feel like I’ve read these same exact dogmatic statements (with maybe some slight variations in wording) made by you dozens of times already. What are you hoping to accomplish by repeating them?


Nobody has dealt with them except to say I’ve repeated them in other threads. They hold firm.


St. M- I did not know you were seeking refutation.


I’ll let you have it this time Dave. :smiley:


There’s nothing to “deal with” them. You’re making dogmatic claims. Your statements are neither supported by scripture nor reason.


They are supported by both.


No, they’re your dogma. Which I’ve wasted enough time pointing out in other threads before you inevitably concede that you were wrong, before picking a new dogma of the week, and then coming back to your original dogmatic statements. You’re a troll Michael.




You say whatever now, but I know your MO well enough to know that next week you’ll be back to making dogmatic statements as if they’re established facts. And if a well-meaning person is misguided enough to waste time pointing out that your dogma is just that – dogma – you’ll concede your nonsense again before starting up again the week after that.


You’re a blasphemer qaz. Your view of reality and the scriptures are distorted. I post here because I like to write and am interested in what others think about it. If I’m wrong I change my views.


I wonder if mercy would hold true…for the zombies, during the Zombie Apocalypse?

I think we need, a Zombie blues song. :smiley:


I’m a blasphemer for pointing out that your dogma is nothing more than dogma? :unamused: I haven’t posted any of my views on scripture in this thread, except for pointing out that your dogma is dogma, not scripture. Your writing stinks. Only an attention-starved troll would post anti-univeralist dogma on a universalist forum. I’ve told you to start a blog in the past. You said you would. You’ve even said you were leaving this forum, but in typical Michael fashion, you flip-flopped on that (AKA lied about that). You flip-flopped on leaving this forum just like you’ve flip-flopped on your ‘dogmas of the week’ when people have actually spent the time giving them consideration (that is, before those ‘dogmas of the week’ resurface in your posting after a brief cool-down period). You’re interested in what others think. Well I’m telling you what I think.


If you hate what I write and want me to leave that bad qaz then I guess I will even though this forum is open to all people of all religions. You don’t have to be a universalist to come here and post. It doesn’t make you a troll because you happen to disagree with everybody.


Perhaps we need, another blues song. To get everyone - feeling happy again :smiley:


There have been non-universalists besides on you on this forum. You are the only one I have called a troll. What does that tell you? There’s a difference between making reasoned arguments against universalism and spouting anti-universalist dogma as if it’s established fact. You say you’re leaving this forum? That wouldn’t be the first time. I don’t believe you.


Well, I’ve only stood faithful to the gospel and it disagrees with your heresy. I’m not required to leave because I state the facts but I can leave and will since you hate the truth.


What heresy?

Sure Michael. Just like you left before. :unamused:


I like listening - to this guy on theology…He’s well worth listening to. :smiley:

I especially like the last statement - by Edith. Archie was asked:

Edith answered.


Thanks HFPZ! I think I’ve seen every Archie Bunker show since the beginning. I remember having seen this segment, but enjoyed it immensely all over again!