The Raphaim?


From the thread on “Christian Pacifism.”

Some call them the Raphaim (or Nephilim), and quote Isa. 26:14 to prove they’ll never be raised to life.

If an ancient hybrid race was the result of angelic sin, would it still be part of God’s creation?

Would it be included in the reconciliation of Col. 1:16-20?

Also, wouldn’t going into captured cities and killing children harden the Israelites?

(Many war veterans, who only unintentionally killed children, come back hardened.)

I’ve never understood why God would order them to do that, when He could have gotten rid of the Canaanites Himself?


I’m sorry to say that as of yet I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. :frowning:


I backquoted you, but the questions are for everyone (and I’m hoping someone can suggest some answers.)

Thank you.


Could be this be an answer? … r-nations/

This is also interesting.

P.S. I almost forgot about the Raphaim in Isa. 26:14, but some commentators say these were nothing more than the Canaanite idols the Jews once worshiped (which are worshiped no more, and will never rise again.)

That seems to fit the context there.

Christian Pacifism

I recently learned that the word translated “breatheth” can also mean “inspireth,” and given the reason for removing the Canaanites from the land (so that Israel wouldn’t be corrupted by their immoral religious practices), it’s reasonable (and consistent with the above “hyperboic interpretation” of Deut. 20:16) to conclude that no one that could corrupt Israel (no adults who could inspire idolitry) were left alive when a city was taken.


Concerning the conquest of Canaan, I found this very interesting. … fault.aspx

And concerning the Raphaim, this: … 4#Isa26_14


i think there’s alot of speculation on this, but to my eye when i read the passage in Genesis, i don’t see the interbreeding (if that’s definitely what it is?!) as a direct or even indirect cause of the Flood…it just says they got jiggy with the womens, and their offspring were the heroes of old…doesn’t actually say they did anything wrong. the judgement comes after God looks down and sees how wicked MANKIND had become…not the Nephilim, not the Sons of God: MAN.

it’s interesting, and all, but i think we can get hung up on stuff we’ll never figure out lol

also, linking them to Canaan has problems, as they would’ve surely drowned in the flood?!