The Refiner’s Fire


Here’s something I wrote a while back to try and put on paper what I think is perhaps the most basic meaning of my life:

The Refiner’s Fire

There is a story we’ve heard of the refiner’s fire. A lump of rock is placed in a crucible and heated up to melting. As the rock melts in the fire, the impurities bubble to the top and the refiner scoops it away. This continues until standing over the molten brew the refiner sees perfectly his own reflection in the purity of the liquid silver or gold.

Thus we Christians believe is God’s refining fire. Exposing our dross so that it can be scooped away until one day we reflect perfectly The Face of The One in whose image we are made.

Ah, but there is an unexpected twist you see when the face in the brew is also looking to see! Face to face I will see The One who’s looking back at me, and The Face I see is The Face that’s seen by The One who’s looking back at me.

I am known by The One with The Face that peers into the messy brew, looking, hoping, loving, working, waiting for the day when the face in the mess will emerge to return the gaze in wonder and ah! The Knower shall be known, and the known shall become The Knower! The two shall be forever joined, forever One, forever sharing the journey of love, the journey home.

Are you getting the picture?


I appreciate the poetic way you put that David. Thanks for sharing.


That’s nicely put and I think correct. My dad (AllanS) loves putting things poetically so I’m sure he’ll appreciate this too :smiley:


Lovely! Thank you for sharing that, David.



I think it’s a great image. All the dross floating on the surface of my life not only stops God from seeing me, it stops me from seeing God. But when that is finally scraped away…