The Sacramental Vision: Mythopoeic Imagination


Here is a link to a study that will interest and fascinate those of us interested in the mythopoesis as imagined by Coleridge, GMac, C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.
This is very good stuff.(a pdf file).
Let me know what you think if you get a chance.


Per your other post, I’ll check this out.


I’d like to know your thoughts.


I tried to read it twice, but am having a lot of difficulty with it. That said, I am gonna try it again for a third time now.


Those are the waters I’ve swum in for quite a few years and I think the terminology can be hampering if you are not used to it.
And it is loooong, so I would not worry about finishing it. Maybe take a stab in the future.
It’s not a matter of smarts, it’s a familiarity with terminology matter.