The Shack - William P. Young


I just finished reading this book and must say it was wonderful. While I did not agree with everything William articulates in this work of fiction, I find overall I do. It was powerful and to me takes a great lead from Thomas Talbott. I’ve heard it said he claims not to be a universalist but it sure seems like he is or is at least going to be.

I higly recommend the book to everyone.



My wife (Old MacDonald had a wife) thinks that it is great and several people have told me that as a universalist I’d find it of interest


you certainly would. There is quite a stir up from the church as many detect the universalist notions. Especially that Young seems to be somewhat of a free thinker like us. From what I’ve heard he denies being a universalist of any type. But that does not matter that much to me as his view of God is certainly akin to ours.

Within my own family they take precautions because they know the Emerging church has embraced the book with enthusiasm (so I’m told).

At times the book made me teary eyed. I remember reading talbotts defense of how God’s own love must be greater than his own and I cried realizing the implications of salvation. I still cannot explain to others like I’d like to just how much it means to know my childrens future is in his hands and not in mine. As Keith Green once sang…“And like Peter I can’t even watch and pray one hour with you, and I’ll bet I could deny you too, nothing less except the grace of God.”

A great read and I’ll have to read it again some time.