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The site server is ultra-laggy today!

I’m not having trouble accessing other internet sites. Any idea whassup Alex (and/or other chief admins)?

There’s definitely a problem. This is the first time I’ve been able to get on in two days, and it’s verrry slow and I usually have to reload the page to connect each time I navigate between pages. I’m using firefox right now, but I haven’t been able to connect at all with safari either on my pc or through the iPhone.

I have been talking to many people, it appears that MANY servers are slow today everything from here to Google. Don’t know whats up.

Hmm… :neutral_face: if it continues I’ll contact our host to see what’s going on.

Tuesday morning: it continues.

I still haven’t had the slightest trouble on any other site since yesterday. (I downloaded at least two pdf books, and then split them online to better send them to my Kindle, and then emailed them to my Kindle, for example. No problems.)

I’m not having any difficulty. :confused:


Checking in before lunch my time Tuesday. Lagginess is totally gone (for now). Will check in again later this afternoon in a few hours.

It seems to have resolved for me as well.

Still good for me mid-afternoon.

Yeah, it’s all good now. I had a word with the Bot brothers and they sorted it.


Hmm. I still can’t get on with safari, but I can with other browsers.

It’s back to being rather laggy this morning (about 80% as bad as on Monday), 7:30 my time.

same here… this is the second time trying to post this comment too…

Praying that what happened at Tentmaker doesn’t happen here. Backup everything guys :astonished:

It’s a little slow for me too this morning.

Edit: Make that VERY slow!!


Thanks for keeping me posted, I’m chatting to the host now… seems fine :ugeek:

They do backups automatically, but I do one manually to my computer about every month (just did one today).

Seems perfectly fine this morning (8:20ish my time).

This is despite my Firefox deciding to bug me every 10 seconds with an alert that my plug-ins are out of date when viewing some other pages. (Nor can they ever be updated: I have to have a Mac that can run OS9 and that means OS10.4.11 at the latest. sigh.)