The Evangelical Universalist Forum

The Son Rises


The Son rises
with healing wings
Overshadowing all

Lovely Him, among
the cuts, bruises, broken-chosen

Raising up His scar-worthy hands

Weep no more
Spring is here
This land shall be multiplied
Blessing is here. Your God in the midst.

† on a personal note…just wañt to say thank you to all on the board. Have been a silent reader much of this time and have gleaned much good.


His grace…His glory
Fills the earth
shhhh! hush all else
His glory fills this temple!

Precious Jewels in His crown-

Blessings multiplied to my brothers and sisters in Christ here.

I have no idea where you all are going or if this forum will last…
Just thanks to you all
from me. :slight_smile:


Very nice poetry!


The Radical Grace shown by God is totally fulfilled and complete.

Love your words. Please don’t let folks deny you of that love.