The Temptation and Orthodox Trinitarianism


I don’t have time to write an essay on this yet (though I know what I would say :wink: ); but I wanted to leave a note and/or start a thread for other discussion in the meanwhile. This is in reference to Jeff’s question to Gregory in Gregory’s personal thread, regarding potential problems for orthodox Christian theism relating to the deity of Christ, specifically in regard to the Temptation in the Wilderness. Gregory already gave at least part of his own answer in his “Why Trinitarianism is Important” thread.

Since Trinitarian orthodoxy is extremely important as theological guarantor to my own acceptance of universalism, I consider any challenge to orthodox theism to be a challenge to universalism, too (even though I agree with Gregory and other scholars that universalism could still be true if other types of theism are true.) Thus the relation of this question to the topic of the board at large. :sunglasses: