The True Way


I feel like a lot of people still aren’t getting the message. When I go to church, what I hear is that Jesus died on the cross to save of from our sins. He freed us from the law, and all we need to do is believe in Him, ask forgiveness for our sins and be saved. From what I understand, the laws that He freed us from were men’s laws, which we fall into via sin. The only way to be free of sin and keep from being ensnared in men’s laws and the ways of the world is to follow God’s Word(everything that Jesus said and did) which includes His laws. Right now, I see a lot of the herd grazing in other pastures and then turning to others for help when they find themselves in trouble. Why aren’t the churches sounding the trumpets? Where are the Jeremiahs? I hear voices of truth out there, which is great, there is hope, but it’s not coming from the churches. Are the pastors asleep, or is it just mine?