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Theses Nailed to the Door; The Door

It has come upon my heart in recent days, ever more pressingly, that I cannot continue to abide in the system of the church as it has become, and what it has made of Christianity. There is a spirit of reformation in the churches, and reformation is a theme of it. But there must be personal reformation before there is ever reformation in the corporate body. I’ve felt a longing to abandon the system, the system that enforces its nature of power wielding, controlling, and corrupt nature as the true faith, and as the true orthodoxy.

And so, after the manner of reformers past, I abandon the system and nail my theses to the door; The Seven Theses, I call them, the axioms by which I seek to lay the foundation of my personal reform, and the encompassing purpose behind my thoughts, and my processes.

And so it is that I stand before this door and nail my theses. You may make your own theses, if you choose, and if you choose, you may also nail it here upon the door as well. And so it is that I nail to the door;

[size=130]The Seven Theses[/size]

I, by the Grace of God;

Judge orthodoxy by its fruit, not by its assumed fidelity.

Judge theology by its fruit, not by its assumed orthodoxy.

Judge doctrine by its fruit, not by its assumed efficacy.

Judge canon by its fruit, not by its assumed integrity.

Judge scripture by its fruit, not by its assumed inerrancy.

Judge interpretation by its fruit, not by its assumed accuracy.

Judge righteousness by its fruit, not by its assumed piety.


Welcome, Lefein!
To the free fluid static of the moving Spirit! :stuck_out_tongue: Reformation wasn’t all we had hoped. What should have united hearts with their Creator quickly brought them again under the power and oppression of the harlot church. The people were recaptured by the sly placement of Jesuit Priests over their corporate body. It quelled the masses, not by subjection but by a force, disguised as a nurturing mother, lulling them back to sleep with the droning of dogmas and feelings of comfort. Very wise theses, Sir Lefein. Only do not try to reform what never was right, only, be transformed by what has come upon your heart in recent days. May you have great peace in knowing this mystery that has been unveiled to you and in the nearness of your heart to Him who brings truth and rest!

Lol, people seem to be calling me “Sir” (knightly title) more often these days. :laughing: I wonder why?

It is exactly for this reason, and my hopes to not create “another system” in leaving a system, that I made it a personal reformation. :slight_smile: If others follow suit, they follow suit. If not - then I at least will be reformed.

Awesome, Lefein! :smiley:

I, by the Grace of God declare thus;

God and I alone decide my afterlife. Not others, not scriptures, not doctrines, not religions, not a single thing else but God and I alone.