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Thread deleted at request of thread initiator

If readers are wondering where a recent popular thread went, the initiator asked the administration to delete it because Google was about to cause problems for him if we left it up. As I was the first admin/mod contacted, I have acted immediately to protect the initiator.

Those of you familiar with the thread will understand why this was done to protect the initiator. I am unsure whether private emails to him (or her) will still be problematic; if (s)he considers this and lets us know they aren’t, I’ll post a follow-up here. Until then, hold off on privately emailing this person, too.

Please be aware that while I will hold this thread open for comments (including prayers for this person’s sake under persecution), I ask all admins and mods to carefully watch to edit out direct references to the person involved, for that person’s protection. We want to be helpful for this person, not make things worse!

Thanks in advance for the forum’s discretion on this matter.

Hmmn…I hope we (I) did not cause undue trouble.

I think it was more of a case of this person talking too openly somewhere that the Google-bot was going to be returning searches for this person’s name; considering the topic of the thread, I gather that other persons would soon be doing searches for this person’s name and the topic.

I don’t think it was one or another person here being a problem, so be reassured about that. :slight_smile:

Update: the person in question has confirmed that private emails, either directly or through the board, are perfectly okay; and that person would like to continue hearing from thread participants for support, prayer and advice. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason for quickly handling the situation. I really pray things work out for him.