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Through New Eyes - James Jordan

Through New Eyes - Developing a Biblical View of the World, by James B. Jordan

This is deep work on Biblical symbology (as to nature) and Biblical typology (as to history).

It’s given me a larger appreciation of bedrock Biblical world-view, a view that goes to the foundations of our understanding of God and the world - indeed creation - He provided for us; and develops the idea that though the early writers of the Bible used visual appearance rather than descriptive science (and that is a Big Deal which explains such things as the 'universal vs local Flood), they had insights for us that have the power to change our way of seeing reality.

This goes way beyond pointing out that God is ‘big’ and wise and powerful; the symbology of rocks, stars, animals, humans shows the ‘nature’ of God in ways we moderns have forgotten.

I have not finished the section on ‘Typology’ - dealing with God’s design and management of history - but I’m getting to that later today.

Jordan mentions as an aside, that he is a six day, 24 hour day, Young Earth guy. Blows my mind that he does believe that way, but let me assure potential readers that his view on that does not affect the rest of the book up to the point I’ve read.

Not much of an explosion from that source, lol :confused:

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Too true. lol

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I know I’ve mentioned it before… but do you see anything familiar in Jordan’s section on ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’?

Are you perhaps referring to signs of the last times?

Yeah, in terms of the DoJ… though Jordan as a partial prêterist doesn’t quite go the Full Monty.

The half-Monty just is not as satisfying lol

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