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Today's evangelicalism at it's "finest"

It’s called drunk communion

Come on Oxy: what is your point – is there an explicit reason this has relevance on this site?
Please: be more forth-wright and direct. This is nauseating to me…
Tell us what you think??
Somehow the notion of “Reverence” never enters this drama…
that’s too bad I think.

What is there to say? A picture is worth a thousand words my friend. The state of evangelicalism.

I have no idea what’s going on in the picture, nor what you’re trying to communicate, oxy.

If that is associated with John Crowder, may I ask if you’ve ever looked at his theology? You would probably agree with 99% of it. :smiley:

It reminds me of the church of Corinth and the challenges Paul faced in reigning in the manifestations of the Spirit there. He warned that if unbelievers came in found everyone acting and speaking weird that they’d be put off by the experience and walk away thinking everyone was crazy. Of course, Paul was doing his best to teach the people how to live out the manifestations of the Spirit in love. He was careful to affirm the manifestations of the Spirit, and yet give some guidance about how to participate in those manifestations.

I wouldn’t call this “evangelicalism at it’s finest”, maybe “Charismania gone wild” though “if” I was wanting to be demeaning. But of course, if my sister was in that group and was acting wild, out of my love for her I’d likely suppress this video if I could, instead of uncovering her. “Love covers a multitude of sins.” Considering that, should we highlight things that make our brothers and sisters look bad? I don’t think so.

And btw, did you hear the people laughing hysterically. Well, if laughter is medicine to our souls, health to our bones, then they were getting a radical dose of healing! “Laughter is good like a medicine.” What grieves me much more than and crazyness in the church, is the church turning on its own. I suppose though if one considers others who believe and act differently as not part of the family of God, not my brother or sister, then it frees us to treat them badly, even magnify their “sins”, if they be “sins”. And you know, Paul did say to not be drunk on wine, but be filled with the Spirit. I’ve experienced times when I’ve been so filled with the Spirit that I’ve tasted some hillarious joy, but I’ve also, even more often tasted some terribly depressing brokeness as I’ve tasted of the Lord’s sorrow, grief over the brokeness in people’s lives.

I’ve found that my belief that Jesus really in the savior of all humanity has changed my perspective on all people, helping me to see everyone as my brother and sister, to love everyone with the familial love of God - whether that be a president whom I think is leading a nation to distruction, or the homeless man on the street who’s bound by grief and alchohol. I’ve found the way of love to be very painful!