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When I’m logged in, Tom’s Forums does not show up below the MacDonald section like it does when I’m NOT logged in… Why?


Sounds like a permissions error! Auggy will have to look into it.


Hi Buddy and TotalVictory,

Do you mean that you cannot see “Talbott’s Corner” when you are logged in?



Yes that’s right. Tom’s Corner.
Except that I access it while online from the popup menu down on the lower right part of the screen (the jump to: menu) where it comes up as Tom’s Forums. Not a big deal really in that I CAN get there while logged in.



Actually, I can only access the “questions” section of Tom’s corner when logged out.
I have a question for Tom but can’t access that section when logged in.
Only when logged out can I read it.



(PS I have a MacBook and usually run Safari)


Allow James and I to look at the permissions and we’ll get back to everyone asap.
I believe the forum is working properly. The software is a bit tricky and if not done properly it can behave strangely.



Ok, I think it should work now. All registered users are allowed to see it and post up in the Corner Forum. However remember you cannot start a topic in Toms forum. Only Dr. Talbott can begin a thread of thoughts there.

If anyone reports strange behavior of the forum please notify us right away.



Now, while logged in, Talbott’s corner does show up.
But only Tom’s Forums is seen and accessible when I click on Talbott’s Corner.
Questions Critical Comments is still not accessible while logged in.




Bobx3, I want you to try something on your end. If you scroll to the bottom right of any page on this forum, you should see a link “Delete all board cookies”. If you click that link and submit the final step, it’ll clear your computer’s history of cookies from this forum. After you do that, you’ll need to log in again. See if that fixes what you don’t see and please reply in this topic to let us know if it helped or not.

Thank You.


sorry everyone, My apologies.

Tom’s corner should be fully funtional.




Seems to be working fine now.
Thanks for your persistence. And no, I don’t understand what you “magic men” do!



Believe me you dont want to know! Chicken entrails everywhere :mrgreen:


I realize this is rather random Aug, but your signature…

I’ve been wracking my brain wondering if there’s a UR implication in this line which to many (most?) sports fans could be familiar. As I’ve heard it, it’s mostly directed at NASCAR…
Is “cheating” even possible as relates to Universal Restoration? And further, wouldn’t cheating (or the desire to do so) indicate a negation of the very sort of change that we hold GOd desires in us?
Am I trying too hard, or it there simply NO serious intent here – just a quote you like? :question:




Not to barge in before you even answer, but…

I get it! (I think)

Universalism (belief in UR) IS like cheating! It’s like going to the last chapter of a great novel and reading the last lines; we KNOW how this story ends! So, in effect, it’s like we DID “cheat” in solving all the puzzles of life on which so often dwell.

We KNOW the answer to the BIG questions; so what we discuss here are the details and smaller matters.

There has been, and will be, TotalVictory; all we do is remain faithful and carry the torch.

What do you think?



The funny thing is it’s got nothing to do with Universalism.

It’s just a funny quote Jim Rome used to say on XTRA sports radio (Los Angeles / San Diego).

Sorry to lead you to think Univ. is cheating.