Treatments of Love in 'Pratical Theology'


Hello All,

As the title says I am looking for some treatments of love/charity/philia/eros, etc, for some ideas for a research idea to do with psychoanalysis and practical theology. I will need at least something scholarly, but I am open to any suggestions of any sort, particularly in Practical Theology, but even in the sciences and humanities as well. I know about texts by Saint Bernard, Saint Francis de Sales, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, C.S. Lewis, Anders Nygren, Werner Jeanrond, Erich Fromm. ANd I am mainly talking about the life of love in Christian practice, rather than in the nature of the Holy Trinity.

Finally I wonder if anyone knows this text or its author, Dr Thomas Oord. … B003UD7QQ0

Thank you all,
Blessed be Jesus!