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Unitarian wanted to explain Christophanies

How would a Unitarian repond to a Trinitarian’s claim of Christophanies?


Funny Jonny :smiley:

Actually, not all Unitarians are averse to Christophanies/theophanies.

Yeah sorry I was being a bit naughty there :smiley:

I got a good chuckle out of it LOL

I suppose it really is that simple, isn’t it, call them Theophanies instead of Christophanies and it’s problem solved, eh?

What difference does it make that one person does not see ‘Christophanies’ in the same places another person does? Does anything of substance (that’s a little play on words, if you’re tuned in) hinge on the answer to that question? Is it essential to salvation or for growing in grace? Does it displease God that someone thinks the verbal gymnastics of the 3rd century are rather foolish and don’t really explain anything?
Why does it matter? :unamused:

Only perhaps for the same reason we discuss UR. Lots of folks are under the impression they will “bust hell wide open” if they belive this way or that, on any number of issues, that we discuss(I hope) so that there can be an open discourse without fear. .02

Theophanies! :slight_smile:

No, no, Dave. It’s not a deal breaker either way.
What 3rd century verbal gymnastics are those?

That’s fine - I did not see much discussion, just poking fun at Unitarians. Perhaps I missed the joke - I’ve been known to do that! :blush:

Carry on good people. :smiley:

You are right. We were jus funnin I think. I am a Unitarian of sorts, so I was just trying to be good natured. But the original question of the post is a good one- it would be hard to answer categorically, because as with Trinitarians- a categorization that covers complex views among which there are variations, there are a number of different views that would be categorized as Unitarian, but might not agree on theophanies/Christophanies.