"Universal Restitution" from 1761


I’ve heard about this book and found it online, the high age is especially interesting:


maybe it is of value for somebody, I recommend to download the pdf version


Cheers! Sven

And as Jafon would fay - furely that fhould be Univerfal Reftitution :smiley:


Sweet find, Sven! Thanks!

Jeff: I noticed when I tried downloading the “Full Text” version, that the reader read F-s as J-s, as well as S-s as F-s.

I’ll have to alter my title reconstruction accordingly in the other thread sometime… :mrgreen:


I noticed that too - but finally downloaded the pdf which looks beautiful though isn’t as easy to read.


Ditto. (Actually, it’s easier to read, for me, than the “full text” version! But I had to finagle the system a bit, because my browser kept crashing before download was complete.)