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Universalism for cynics


Hi Everybody,

How do you believe in eternal life, no-strings attached when there is A LOT of crap in this world?
How do you believe in God when it sure seems that He/She doesn’t give two cents or isn’t even up there?
Why would God, if God really loves everybody unconditionally, do so little to promote Universalism? (Does a loving parent abandon his/her children EVEN IF ultimately he/she is going to come back to them? Won’t the orphans have reason to be upset with this? If Christian Universalism is true, then God has abandoned the Muslims, Hindus, Irreligious, etc. in just this way, right, or are people just supposed to know Christian Universalism is true without revelation? Most Christians are abandoned, too, because they grow up in denominations that preach hellfire and have cynicism for EU.)

Don’t get me wrong, I know if there is any goodness in this world that universalism must be true… but sometimes it seems like my hoping doesn’t correlate to reality, and then the above cynical questions come tumbling out.

How do you all stay afloat? How do you believe it day-to-day in the face of counter-evidence? Do you experience the same cynicism at times? Do you friends and family think your beliefs are pie-in-the-sky?

Thank you!