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Universalism through Christ: a hopeful future starting now—Tony Golsby-Smith

How we see the future will influence how we see and act in the present. Has the church’s focus on heaven and hell distorted its ability to imagine and declare a great future for God’s creation? In what ways can a universalistic eschatological vision shine a sense of wonder and hope over the world around us and radically change the way we live.

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You betcha.

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Maybe, if taken to an extreme. There are stern warnings in the bible along with great promises, and both are necessary. A blanket focus on just those two things is of course out of proportion with the tenor of scripture.

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My view of creation, like Origen’s is redemptive. I believe that was the starting point of creation. To redeem lost souls. (preexistence). That certainly flavors the way I perceive history and the fate of the world. If Origen was correct then the world shall exist so long as there is a single soul still in need of redemption.

I’m theonomic and postmilennial in my eschatology so I see God’s law as the basis to redeem socety allong biblial lines.and the Holy Spirit as the enabling force to acomplish the great commission.

Thanks, I hadn’t considered that angle before.