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universalist churches in the UK

Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I have found it very helpful with my new revelation to my christian beliefs. I was wondering if anyone knew of any universalist churches in the Uk. Thanks for any help.

Hi Chris,
One of the most reoccuring problems faced by UR (Universal Reconciliation) believers is there being few fellowships where UR is considered an acceptable system of beliefs. Amoung denominations (speaking in broad generalizations):
Catholicisim’s official position is that one cannot say with assurance that all are saved, though some dare to hope.
Eastern Orthodoxy is open to UR.
Baptists - anti-UR.
Pentecostals - anti-UR
Church of Christ - anti-UR
Presbyterians - anti-UR
Anglican (Church of England) - somewhat open, I think.
Assembly of God - anti-UR
other Protestant denominations - most, if not all, anti-UR
United Methodists - open to UR
Non-denominational churches - mostly anti-UR

Though I was expelled from a fellowship when I came to believe in UR, I’m thankful to have found a fellowship that is interdenominational, one which thus far has proven to be accepting and loving of people regardless of their personal convictions concerning systematic theology. But such churches are not common, sadly so.

Thanks for the reply Sherman. I have a good anglican church that is just down the road. So i might give them a go. Thanks for the information.

Hi Chris!

When you say you are looking for universalist churches, do you mean that you are looking for churches that hold such beliefs or churches that are accepting of such beliefs though don’t promote them or churches that reject such beliefs but are open to allowing you to attend?

Personally I’m not really aware of any in the UK who openly hold a view that everyone will be saved AND hold the basic tenets of Christianity (though there may be the odd one about). I think there will be a minority that are open to the possibility of such a belief being true and probably a lot more that believe it to be false but would allow you to attend and even be a member. Depends what you’re looking for.

Many high-profile universalists have been members in good standing in the Church of England: F. D. Maurice, George MacDonald, Madeleine L’Engle, etc. :slight_smile:

Geoffrey, what is the source of your statement that George MacDonald was in good standing with the Church of England? It may be true, but I have never heard of it.

When GMD was 27 years old, he was a pastor at a Congregation Church—Trinity Chapel in Arundel, England. He was pressured to resign, and did so after about two years. The pressure was in the form of lowering his wages until they were insufficient to provide for his family’s needs. Apparently it was due to his “unorthodox beliefs.” Some have the opinion that it was because of his belief in universal reconciliation. Others suggest it was other “unorthodoxy” that prompted the pressure.

I seem to remember Greville mentioning it in George MacDonald and His Wife. Here are a couple of websites that mention it, though they give different dates for MacDonald joining: … eline.html

Hi Jonny. The ideal would be to go to a church that believe whst i believe. But i am finding that this probably will not be possible. I think then it would have to be somewhere that would be ok with what i believe. Thanks.

Quakers can be quite open to Christian universalism, if I’m not mistaken…

Have started attending a Quaker church, actually; and so far I haven’t detected any potential hostilities to having such ultimate confidence in the Love of Christ.

St Luke’s West Holloway, London.
Also, i know of one in Kent [at least the vicar is Universalist, but unsure about the church] but have to find out what the name is again.

Anglican (church of England) has room for “hopeful universalism”

and - didn’t the Hellbound? film say something silimar about the Catholic church?

Wasn’t there a Baptist minister on the South Coast (Bridport ?) who had Kevin in for a Q&A session after the showing of Hellbound?

Also, Bradley Heath - author of Flames of Love: Hell and Universal Salvation - is a Methodist minister, is he not, and I think I saw or read him saying the Methodists have room for hopeful universalism.

I know a nice little charismatic church in Hampshire that tolerates my universalism - though I don’t push it much.



I suspect that a member of the Church of England could publish a high-profile book insisting upon Christian Universalism (not merely as something to be hoped for, or as a permissible opinion, but as certain fact) and not have the Church of England punish or restrict him in any way.

Thanks again guys for your advise. I have found a good local baptist church which seam to be close to what i believe. I have only been a few times but what i see and hear is good. :slight_smile:

Where are you based out of curiosity?
I have a friend who is a deacon at a very liberal Baptist church in London, though i’m not sure of the name. While he’s not a Universalist, it sounds like his church is inclusive.

I am based in Windsor.