Universalist Debates on Facebook


Anyone wanna join in? :smiley:

facebook.com/Bible.Father.Lo … 5731757275

I’ve been talking to a LaVeyan Satanist. All you have to do is like the page and you’re in! :smiling_imp:

Whaddya think so far:

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Are you kidding and let people that I am a :laughing: Christian Universalist?


Nobody will know except for strangers. If you really don’t want people to know, you can delete the notifications off your wall so your friends won’t see that stuff. But I kinda do want some people to know. I just don’t wanna make a big deal about it.


I’m very tempted to join in, just need to get the ok from my wife :confused: She’ll probably rightly say I need to tell all the leaders at church first… In regards to that, I’ve decided the best way forward with my church is to get them a copy of Robin’s Intro to “All Shall Be Well”. I think that should stop me from being excommunicated. Then I can discuss the topic openly and hopefully they’ll read TEU too :sunglasses:


My wife is the main one. I’ve discussed it with her and she acted exactly like everyone else. She actually told me that she didn’t want to know what the Bible said. :wink:


Facebook confuses me anyway. You young whippersnappers and your newfangled “technology”… :wink:

(In this case, your link currently looks like it goes to a thread about Old-Earth vs. Young-Earth creationism. Not about universalism, so far as I can see. But this may be due to my total ineptitude at anything related to Facebook. :mrgreen:)


My experience has been that this sort of debating is mostly unproductive. It’s great for sharpening oneself, but generally ineffective for convincing others.

…so that’s why I won’t be joining in! I did that (not on facebook) when I was first new to UR, and it was good for me at the time–but I’ve had my fill! :sunglasses: (Which is not to say that I couldn’t use more ‘sharpening’! but I’m just too busy with other things right now!)

But you all have fun! :wink: And if you actually do convince anyone–lmk! Maybe I’m just not a very good debater!



I always try to be a listeners of others’ points and have indeed often been convinced, quite often. Therefore, please don’t hold back what you have to offer? You don’t need to do it on Facebook, though!


I, personally, find Sonia very convincing on everything! :laughing: (It doesn’t hurt that we already agree, I guess.)

Seriously, though, I know what she is saying because in talking to Mormons about my faith it’s been very thought provoking, but I haven’t, at least that I know of, persuaded anyone. Who knows though what is down the line for them and what my contribution will have been?

I thoroughly enjoy reading other people’s thoughts, but often feel like it takes me an enormous amount of time to put my thoughts together and am also busy with my kids.

Sure am enjoying Stellar Renegade’s latest writings.

Jason, I’m very technologicly challenged and facebook wasn’t too difficult to figure out. Of course, Gene (Auggy) had to set it all up for me. :laughing: I’ll bet you get hooked. I’m still looking for the like button on this site. (something on facebook)


Oi vey, excuses, excuses… one man says he just got married, another man that he just got huge tracts of land, and yet another that he just got an old cow! Wait a minute, those were all the same guy talking about the same event. :laughing: Oh well, I cut them all up into pieces and burn them anyway! :imp:

Y’know, that’s a really great method of persuasion. http://brainsandcareers.com/phpBB3/images/smilies/icon_thinking.gif In that case, they should’ve put Oswald Chambers in there, too, although the evidence may not have been enough to convince alot of people. His statements were so subtle that people didn’t make much of it, to my knowledge, at least… Of course there are plenty of his books that I haven’t read… http://brainsandcareers.com/phpBB3/images/smilies/icon_thinking.gif

HOLY HOCKEY STICKS, BATMAN! :open_mouth: :blush:

I really have no idea what happened there. http://brainsandcareers.com/phpBB3/images/smilies/icon_thinking.gif My brain is fried from trying to create a 40-something page book in the past four days or so (yeah, I know, I’m a procrastinator… :confused: :blush: and it was due tonight, too… :astonished:)

I might’ve actually wanted you guys to read that, but I’m pretty sure I meant to link this:

[size=120]Touching the Touch-Stone[/size]

And, I actually DID convince a couple people, Sonia! :mrgreen: An atheist/agnostic and a “devil worshipper.” That it’s Christian teaching, at least (not that they’ve converted). They’re both my friends now. mwahahaha! :laughing:

Hey, you think it’s possible to take the “hanging out with sinners” thing a bit too far…? http://brainsandcareers.com/phpBB3/images/smilies/icon_thinking.gif

Naaaaawwww… :wink: :sunglasses: :laughing:


:laughing: :laughing:

That’s great! Not too surprising seeing as they probably don’t really care! No doubt it will pay off some time!



You’re special! :sunglasses:

I agree, there’s a place for debate and discussion–just saying that what I’ve generally found on the internet has not been the productive kind. I don’t mind reason-able disagreement and discussion–it’s the unreasonable kind that I can’t stomach–and I’ve seen plenty of it–been there/done that.

But (having looked at the link) it looks like Justin has some interested parties commenting–that’s good stuff! Getting the word out is great, explaining to seekers is great, trying to convince closed minds is pointless.

Anyway, just keeping up with this forum is plenty for me right now! I’d better let others handle the facebook debates for now! :wink: But I admit–now that I’ve looked at it, I’m interested in Justin’s discussion–I might not be able to hold out, LOL. (I shouldn’t have looked … :stuck_out_tongue: )



Thanks, Amy! —No doubt! :laughing:

I’m with you there! I couldn’t do it at all if I slept like a normal person! :laughing:

Me too!



Thank God! I was seriously wondering if it was just me… :laughing: