Update on David Congdon's Dogmatic Rationales


Note that I misspelled his name as Cogdon for a previous entry title several months ago (can’t be changed now either. sigh.)

David’s series of “dogmatic sketches” for why he is a universalist can be found here.

I and a few other commenters have wondered when he would continue his series. David recently answered this question as follows:

“I don’t know if I will ever finish this series. In fact, I am
pretty certain that I won’t. My thinking on issues of universalism has
progressed so much that I would have to rewrite what I’ve done here.
Not that I disagree with anything I’ve said here. Much of it I would
say again. But nowadays it would be much more apocalyptic and
missiological in nature. For some more recent thoughts on these
matters, see this post at The Fire and the Rose.”

It’s a great post. I’d sure like David to contribute some thoughts here on occasion. :slight_smile: