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Uploading a book/long essay

First time to this site and have been engaging many of the fine articles. I have written some reflections on the topic of Christian Universalism and would appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. Is this the best forum for doing so? The material runs approximately 90 pages and is in a semi-completed state (still requiring some grammatical work) though the
main thought flow is reasonably intact.

Please advise.


If you’re thinking of trying to have it published by someone else eventually, I recommend not posting it (or otherwise uploading it) publicly on the forum. It would be regarded as “published” then already by most publishers, who would then be much less willing to risk their own money making it otherwise publicly available.

Of course, if you made the material available simply as a series of posts (one thread per post), that might fly under publisher radars. :slight_smile:

Also that way we can chew over the material bite by bite.

Hello! If it matters, I’m in your skin right now. Having a lot of essays that I’ve been writing for phd thesis writing services and I’m scared to show them here because I’m afraid of follow-up criticism. I know that criticism helps a lot to develop as a writer but this anxiety, you know… Anyways, hope we won’t be eaten alive here :smiley:

“In your skin”. What means this?
I know the Stones used the phrase in a song, didn’t make sense to me then either.

Perhaps it means this?

Well actually, no. The pharase ran : "I’M in YOUR skin"
But an excellent attempt RK!

Shall we try again?

So I would say, comfortable in the other’s viewpoint

Okey-dokey. I’m going to start using that expression in any conversation it is appropriate for or not! :wink:

Please feel free to share your essays here, Boady1998.

Or, I guess the appropriate neighborhood for essays would be,