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UR sermon that got pastor kicked out of his church.

Peter Hiett of The Sanctuary Downtown, seems to be well respected by many on this forum. Since I have started to watch their sermons each week, plus other films produced by Peter Hiett and his team, my love for God has grown, as has my trust and relationship with Him. I am more hopeful of UR than ever before. His sermons are like food for my spirit.

I’ve just come across the sermon that got Peter kicked out of his former church. Wow… :stuck_out_tongue: … t?Itemid=0

Thanks for posting that Catherine. About 18 months ago watching that sermon is what convinced me to leave my former church and join Peter’s church in Denver. It’s as close to mandatory viewing for UR adherents or prospects as anything I’ve seen. I love the way he presents the evidence before taking that evidence to it’s logical conclusion.

I agree with you wholeheartedly Trey! You are very blessed to be a part of Peter’s fellowship. :smiley: As I watch each sermon every week, I feel like a member too.

Peter is a very gifted teacher, and I am always blessed after listening to his sermons. I’m just reading ‘Dance Lessons for Zombies’. Wow! It is a powerful book. I don’t want it to end. :wink:

Thank you very much for posting that link, Catherine. I downloaded Peter’s offending message. I was impressed with the arguments and scriptures he used. Personally I don’t like his style. But style means nothing when compared to content. My wife was also highly impressed. She said she is going to listen to the message over and over.

I am blessed that you and your wife have been blessed Paidion. I have been shocked by Peter a few times, although usually once I’ve heard him to the end, I understand what he’s getting at. The ‘shock’ was worth it, as the lesson ‘hits home’. :wink: There is a wealth of sermons like that one here: