UR's reaction when they stand before Jesus on judgment day!



This will be the UR’s reaction when they stand before Jesus on judgment day when he tells you UR is false doctrine and reveals to you other false doctrines you entangled yourself in. Click on the link below:

youtube.com/watch?v=g6GuEswX … re=related

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D’oh, I should of accepted the truth! :open_mouth:


Or maybe it’ll be your reaction… :laughing: :unamused:

Whoops, that was unacceptable of me, wasn’t it…? :unamused: :laughing:


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My prayer is that all of you allow the Holy Spirt to correct you on the doctrines you have wrong before you die and have alot less D’oh’s when you stand before Jesus. :smiley:

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Right back atcha! :wink:


My prayer is that this thread be moved from the Discussion Negative forum where it doesn’t belong into the Humor and Clean Jokes forum in light of the fact that we don’t have a Junk and Random Crap forum. :wink:


…D’oh… :astonished:


Yeah, well just remember not to post jokes in serious forums anymore, that’s all I’m saying.


While I’m sure A37 is entirely serious, neither is his entry in much of any way a “discussion”; much less a discussion about why universalism (of one or any sort) is wrong.

At least it’s “negative”, though! :laughing: So it belongs better here than in most other places.

(Maybe “Articles”? Since in effect it’s simply an article listing.)

As to when I stand before Jesus on judgment day, at least I can be sure I won’t be found in any way denying the name of “Jesus” (“YH Saves” or even “YH is Salvation”); and I won’t be found insisting on unmercy; and I won’t be found refusing in principle (not to say in practice!) to visit those in prison for their salvation (while hoping for and expecting my own salvation).

Regardless of the outcome, though, I don’t believe it requires a specially robust faith in God to trust in God that if something turns out not to be true, something better will be. I trust God to instruct me in understanding and accepting the something better. And if (God forbid???) the truth is something worse than what I believe to be true, I still trust God to instruct me in understanding and accepting that, too.

Most importantly, though: if it happens that God turns out to not be essentially love, then we’re all pretty much screwed, whether we happen to be teamed up with such a deity or not at any given time. (I don’t say “with such a God”, because that name-title is based on an old Gothic word for ‘good’, and God cannot be intrinsically good if God is not essentially love. At most, the deity can only be all-powerful. That’s all.)

If God is essentially love, though, in His own eternally active self-existence–then I already know very well what the logical consequence is for that.

If God is love–if orthodox trinitarian theism is true–then my trust in God for His persistence in saving all sinners from sin is well-placed. If not, then admittedly not.


Well put, Jason!

And, Aaron, how can UR be FALSE TEACHING when it says quite clearly that Christ is the savior of all men? And will draw all men. And loved all men enough to die for them? And redeemed all men from death?

Be careful what you claim as false teaching. You may claim you know better and that we’re mistaken, but you can’t claim UR as false (in terms of being baked-up or unwarranted), unbiblical, or ungodly.