Victor Reppert discussing the Soteriological Trilemma again


Just a note that Dr. Reppert (a friend of mine and Tom Talbott’s) has brought forth the trilemma of apparent scriptural testimony on salvation for discussion again, here at DangIdea.

Although as I note in my comment so far, his first element in the trilemma, regarding God’s sovereignty, doesn’t (as stated) have anything to do with salvation, sin, righteousness, etc.; and so doesn’t have proper topical focus. I recommended revision. We’ll see how it goes.

(Note: originally posted this thread in “Articles”, but then moved it to “Soteriology”, since it isn’t about universalism per se, except as a mention in passing, and isn’t an article either strictly speaking.)


I think the link was not to Dangerous Idea but to Bite Sized Metaphysics.


Whoops! Weird. I clearly remember copying the page address at DangIdea. It’s been a confusing morning. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the catch! The link should now go to the proper page at Dangerous Idea.