Watchmen Nee: The Blood of Christ


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This is a teaching on Romans 5 by the great late leader Watchmen Nee that is an overarching theme meant to provide practical transformation. I am not quite sure if Watchmen Nee even understood the far-reaching implications of this teaching, or if he did and merely wasn’t public about it, but it’s obviously universalistic in scope:

[size=130]Watchmen Nee: The Blood of Christ[/size]

This is borne out by the points he makes in this teaching:

  1. We are all helplessly bound in sin due to having been bound up in Adam when he sinned.
  2. We are not able to be brought back into union with God through our own efforts.
  3. The same who are bound up in Adam are all crucified with Christ.
  4. We cannot crucify ourselves; the change happens when we merely recognize that we have been crucified with Christ.

Amazing! This is a FABULOUS exposition of Romans 5! And little did I know that it’s right there in the widely respected teachings of Watchman Nee. This is going into my book, too. :mrgreen:


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That’s awesome, I look forward to listening to it. It was Romans 5 that compelled me into UR, well, Romans as a whole but especially chapter 5. Romans is Paul’s Gospel and I’m always amazed at how many times it is read in churches and yet not believed. But I believe, am convinced that in Jesus we all died and in Jesus we all shall live. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. I believe I am saved based on the grace of God and I believe everyone else is saved based on the grace of God. Shoot, even my faith in God is a gift from Him, something that does not come from me but is the fruit of the word of God I’ve been fortunate enough to have received in my heart since childhood. Sadly, many people are not so privaledged and thus do not have faith, though their heart is just as good/bad as mine is. Oh the riches of His mercy, grace, and love! Mercy truly does triumph over justice.


“The Normal Christian Life” is a primer on Romans. I recommend it to anyone wanting to look deeper into our identification with Christ and the Cross, and all that means to the believer. One of the hardest things I struggle with is the concept of 'reckoning ourselves dead to Christ, but alive to God". This book has some real insights to this. You can find it here:


Check this one out.