Ways members can help make this site more beneficial to everyone


This week I’ve been working away behind the scenes fixing the crawler errors, broken URLs, SEO, etc. so that we don’t lose our Google ranking. Our old forum had about 12,000 links to it from other sites but our new one has only 145 so far. Thankfully, the permanent redirects that we’ve set up should mean that most of those 12,000 links get redirected to the correct new locations.

However, the more links to the new forum the better… so if you have a blog or whatever, it would be great to link to the new forum. The more links from legitimate sources the more valuable Google treats the forum and the more people can potentially discover the wonderful Greater Hope!

I would be good to go through https://forum.evangelicaluniversalist.com/c/featured/useful-materials and clean up formatting & in some cases update it if a new edition has come out.

Another thing that we might consider is making an FAQ/glossary/wiki that regular members can contribute to (like a mini Wikipedia).



I like this term. Because it emphasizes that the forum is NOT ONLY, a home for convinced universalists. But also for hopeful ones - like myself. And Hopeful Universalism, is in harmony - with current Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, theological direction. And also the stated theological values, of the forum. Let me also share, a good Christian article I’ve received today: