Weird error


I was replying to a post with quoted post, and got the message: You cannot make another post so soon after your last :confused:

I’ve never seen or experienced this before. I wonder if I somehow got a virus that’s spamming the site?


I usually get that when I’ve already posted and am, without realizing it, posting the same thing. I know I’ve seen it. It’s never been a problem though.


That’s a security feature to stop spambots machine-gun posting. If it happens too often, please let me know and I’ll decrease the minimum delay. :ugeek:


I’ve only seen it when I’m doing a multi-post, if I do it too quickly.

Did you mean, Mel, that you hadn’t just posted something else first several seconds earlier?


Right, I hadn’t just posted a few seconds prior. It had been longer, maybe more like a minute.


I’ve set the “Flood interval” (Number of seconds a user must wait between posting new messages.) to 30 seconds. Let me know if that’s still a pain.


Ok, thanks.