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What books are our members reading? Post updates freely! {g}


I haven’t found the book that @Bob_Wilson recommended yet - at a used price - but for the nonce, I wonder if those, like Bob, who have put a lot of thought into this matter, think that the following trend and world-view is correct, going way too far, or not going far enough?
From RandyKOZ’s BBC :wink:

It seemed perfectly clear that the tweet intended to make parents more open to the possibility that their little bundles of joy may not turn out to be the boy or girl they thought they were raising. In fact, it strongly suggests that being too forceful in teaching such once-elementary realities as “boys have penises, girls have vaginas” is dangerous and antiquated.

The article:


"Most of the time our worry comes from a desire to be in control. It’s actually a form of idolatry because it’s making something else out to be bigger than God. We put Him back in His proper place in our minds when we say, “You’re a good Father. I’m going to trust You. I refuse to worry about these things and choose to cast them on You. I have faith that You are a good Daddy” (p.99).


I have started ‘The Rational Optimist’ and will tell my feelings when done, it is by Matt Ridley and talks about how human evolution is moving forward. So far great book and more so a great idea.