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What do you think of Rob Bell, now?

I just listened to two Rob Bell audiobooks in the last few days. I was very impressed with both (Love Wins… and What We Talk…). I had steered clear of Rob Bell based on some things I’d heard about him in the past, which now appear erroneous.

As almost my entire experience as a “God is better than you think” believer has come from being a member of Peter Hiett’s church, I was surprised to find, to my non-theological mind, that what Bell has to say is highly congruent with the teaching of Peter Hiett. I asked Peter about this yesterday at church and he confirmed that he thinks highly of Rob Bell’s material, though he does not know him personally. They did both graduate from Fuller.

So this Sunday, Rob Bell has the first episode of a new talk show that will air on the OWN network (Oprah Winfrey Network).

Looking at the archives here, there was a lot of discussion of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins here, but almost all of it in 2011. Jason Pratt in particular wrote many, many detailed posts.

So, as the title says, what do you think of Rob Bell, now? Is this a guy who could be a leader in getting mainstream Christianity to move in our direction if not necessarily all the way here? … istianity/

I loved his book ‘Love Wins’. I saw that article Melchizedek linked to last week. My only concern was that he is linked to Oprah Winfrey, but then God can use any person or channel of communication to reach people who might never get to hear the good news. :wink:

(My concern over Oprah is the same as if I’d heard his show was going to be on TBN. I’ll hopefully be able to view his show and then I can see where he’s at now. :wink: )

i really like him, as his approach purely relies on the Socratic method . Dr. Timothy Dalrymple has a degree with majors in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Stanford University, an M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Religion at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He has also studied at Oxford and two universities in China. He does a great analysis of A Framework for Understanding the Rob Bell Controversy. This is very interesting and has gotten me to reflect and understand his position better.

Melchizedek and randylkemp:

Thanks for sharing such great links to Pavlovitz and Dalrymple Both of those pieces are simple and concise summaries of why Rob Bell is controversial and for me, why he would fit in well with the folks here on this forum.

Since he has had “rock star” status and is starting a TV show, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Will his view that God is better than we thought spread or will the notoriety of Rob Bell be the only thing that spreads?

I heard so much “bad” about Rob Bell for the last few years that I ignored him. Then I finally read Love Wins and find out that “bad” is actually really, really good. For me, his message was hiding behind his reputation, a reputation that was formed by his detractors.