What happened to the "Edit" button?


I realized I included my comment about a quote of Jason’s as part of his quote – yet the edit button is gone.

What happened?? Does it disappear after a certain amount of time?


Don’t know. Odd… My edit button is working; I’ll fix it.


I don’t know either. I think it’s working but perhaps it’s in either Gregory’s or Talbott’s corner.


It was in this thread, in the “General Discussion on Evangelical Universalism” subcategory of the “Evangelical Universalism” category.

I know some board systems only allow edits for an hour or two, and then the comment is permanent. (Unless the user is an admin or moderator.)

Bob, if you’ll run an experiment some day: post a test reply to this thread, and then watch to see if the edit button for that comment disappears sometime in the following hours. (Note that logging out and logging back in may trigger the effect, too.)


Can you embed url’s in text (if so, how)?


The easiest way is to type out the text first; use your mouse to click-drag-select-declick the portion of the text you want to embed with a url (also called hyperlinking); and left-click on the URL button at the top of your reply window (fourth button from the right).

This will surround your selected text with the url on/off code, {url}like this but with square brackets instead of fancy brackets{/url}. (You can also just type them manually, which is what I usually do.)

Go to the first {url} thingy, put an equals sign immediately after the ‘l’, and then type or paste in the address. Don’t use quote marks. That should do the trick.

If you preview your comment, you should find the conversion already working.

So, for example (but remember the real code will have square brackets [like this], not {fancy brackets}):

{url=http://www.evangelicaluniversalist.com}The text here would be hyperlinked to the main page of our forum.{/url}

But once submitted to the forum engine, it should come back working and acting like this:

The text here would be hyperlinked to the main page of our forum.

Hope that’s helpful!

(Some but far from all of the instructions for BBCode can be accessed from the comment composition screen, by a hyperlink called “BBCode”, to the right of the composition window, just below the smiley list.)


Thank you Jason.