What is an Arminian Universalist?


I don’t want to sidetrack our other thread, so I thought I’d better start a new topic for this, as this sounds very intriguing :slight_smile:


At the moment you’re are Calvinist Universalist because you’re arguing that all of God’s actions in the world are bringing everyone eventually to salvation. (Calvinists would hold that regeneration begins at predestination, that the Holy Spirit is at work in all the elect, even in some before they make a profession of faith.) A Calvinistic-Universlaist-Hell could be quite short lived, the Holy Spirit does his work and everyone is saved quite quickly, because God, is the one who motivates repentance and gives faith. This is the central advantage of a Calvinistic Universalism it rightly gives God the sovereignty.

[My counter argument here is that election is about God only choosing some, and allowing the rest to get what they have chosen and deserve.]

An Arminian Universalist, would say God lets most people do what they want until Hell, where he gives them lots of time and opportunities to repent. An Arminian Universalist Hell could conceivably last close to eternity as a few die hards, eg Hitler etc would keep choosing to stay in Hell. The central advantage of Arminian Universalism is that it respects the free will of people to choose life away from God if they want to.

[My counter argument here is that Adam and Eve, were in the best possible place to choose God but didn’t so no amount of time in Hell will sway someone from what they truly want.]


Thanks for clarifying I think that’s helpful to the discussion.

Sounds like we’ll need to discuss double predestination & the purpose/scope of election, when the other threads run out of juice :sunglasses:


What’s double predestination?