What is faith? Yours or His?


Go back and read this in the context of me responding to LLC’s claim about Jesus… then it should make sense.


Maybe you can flesh this out…


If you say you have laid aside (LLC’s “emptied Himself of the vain pursuits”) all drinking of whiskey you’d be saying you once imbibed thereof, but now no longer do.


True, but there is a “the” before “faith.”

“The faith” is the faith common to all believers. Thus translators who have inserted “our” before “faith” have not destroyed the intended meaning. Jesus is working in the hearts of His people, enabling them both to begin in the path of faith, and to carry it out to the end.


Turning [our] eyes away from other things and fixing them (looking away) into Jesus, the Inaugurator (First Leader; Prime Author) and Perfecter (Finisher; the Bringer to maturity and fruition) of the faith, Who, in place of (over against) the joy continuously lying before Him, remained under a cross – despising shame (disgrace) – and has sat down, remaining in the right (hand or part) of God’s throne. -Jonathan Mitchell N.T.-




So do you have a history of drinking abuse?


Hmm… well not yet.

Doesn’t what I said previously make sense?




In the last paragraph HERE LLC maintains that Jesus “emptied Himself of the vain pursuits of the world, beliefs in the false doctrines of men…” and I questioned this BECAUSE…

  • Logic dictates that for anyone to give up, lay aside, or empty oneself of any given thing (in this case LLC’s claims above in relation to Jesus) they had to be beforehand, thus previously, fully engaged in said pursuits — I’m not aware of any NT texts regarding Jesus indicating any such thing — perhaps you can help clarify this further :question:

And perhaps I assumed too much in using the whiskey scenario as an example …something I did as you’d mentioned elsewhere imbibing and enjoying such yourself.


You are a pill.






Lets leave well enough alone.