What is really at stake in the debate on Universalism


This is the title of a pacifist theologian. I believe that his insight is very interesting. Check it out. Any comments?

thinkingpacifism.net/2011/04/03/ … versalism/


It seems odd to say the Bible is not concerned with the after life. Could it be a reaction to not finding any support for the belief in the immortality of the soul in the Old Testament? I think the New Testament is much concerned about the resurrection. In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul explains in detail, that without the future resurrection to life, there is no hope.


I agree with you, Joen. What caught my attention in the writer was that he, as a pacifist, he believes that the main problem with people not accepting universalism is their need to have a God that punishes evil and evil doers, and not a loving, peaceful God who wins over his enemies with love and not with hate.


I agree, the idea of eternal hell perverts the judgments of God and there are some that are very bend on vengeance and threat - turn or burn. BUT the Bible certainly also teaches judgment and wrath and to ignore or downturn that also creates a preaching that those who know the Bible will instantly reject. As Reformed, I am sure you agree.