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What Movies Do You Want To See In The Theaters

From now until the end of 2017?

Here is my list:

The Dark Tower
Blade Runner 2049
Star Wars The Last Jedi

Here’s the problem. You picked some good NERD movies - that have potential. But do I see them, on the big screen? Or wait until they come out - on DVD? The key is what the collective rating is, on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. If it gets a rating of 80% or more, I see it on the big screen.

Take War of the Planet of the Apes - for example:

Rating: 95% - ‎207 reviews - Rotten Tomatoes
Rating: 8.1/10 - ‎26,930 votes - IMDb

Go see it, on the big screen.

Meh I don’t go by movie reviews. I can see why some do as RT seems to be the standard bearer for movie reviews but for me it’s all about being the movie nerd I am. I will probably watch the new Apes movie when it comes out on DVD or digital but I still haven’t seen the other two so I might wait until they come out with a trilogy box set to see all 3.

I’m limited when I can go see anything at the theaters due to it becoming expensive and I’m now an IMAX 3D junkie since seeing SW:TFA in IMAX 3D so any movie I go see must be in IMAX 3D and that can drain the wallet factoring in snacks and such as well.

The wife and I try to make the Tuesday all-day $5 shows - but add in a snack/drink, you can still drop a $20 bill.

You are learning a lesson about marketing, Dave. Same goes for the gas station. They don’t want you, to just see a movie. And they don’t want you, to just buy gas. They make their money, on the concession stand. Or on the convenience store - within the gas station. Or use their super-duper, hi-tech car wash.

I saw War for the Planet of the Apes, for $5 on Tuesday also. But this super movie station, as a full service bar., restaurants inside, etc. And reclining seats, where you can put your feet up. With the automatic recliner.

And don’t forget about all the ads you view, before the movie starts :exclamation:

Here’s something I’ve shared on Twitter today:

Toward dumber

This message is from renown marketer - Seth Godin. And is consistent with the approach, of direct response copywriting and marketing.

Like the commercials you see - in the movie theaters!

But the second part of the message, is scientific measurement. Which is also something, direct response copywriting and marketing - excels at.

Good stuff, Randy. Recommended reading is Captains of Consciousness by Stuart Ewen. Fascinating.

A pdf I just found online gives a pretty good taste: … usness.pdf

Hey, Dave. This PDF looks like scholarly stuff - with footnotes. And not the stuff, my Zombie friends normally read. I left my pair of “Dumb and Dumber” glasses at home. So I can’t read the supermarket tabloids now. Or those “prestigious” news publications, you mentioned in another thread. :laughing:

To my great surprise, I find that you are not alone, Randy:
undergraduatesciencelibrarian.o … footnotes/

But really, you being one of the highly-educated personages around here, could probably handle a little ol’ pdf. :laughing:

Most of those. Also:

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The wife and I try to make the Tuesday all-day $5 shows - but add in a snack/drink, you can still drop a $20 bill. :imp: :cry:
“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth”. -Albert Einstein

Well, I’m off today - to see Wind River. But I’m normally a fan, of Nerd Science Fiction and Super Hero movies. :smiley: