What would Jesus do?


Would Jesus rather we gave to the poor or do mission?


“What would Jesus do” is the gate way to dead works.


Ask him. :sunglasses:

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer. It depends on the need of the moment. It seems to me that taking care of the pressing physical needs of someone one knows ought to take priority over donating $$ to a missionary–but I don’t know if that’s exactly what you’re asking.

Is this a purely hypothetical question, or are there more specific details to evaluate?





[size=150]YES!!![/size] :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



There went the spirit led walk.

Welcome to religion. :mrgreen:


God might take a given sum of money an individual has at his disposal and tell him to use it on a mission to the furthest corner of the earth to share one word with one man. That same money could have been used to feed hundreds for a year.

It is a spirit led walk not “WWJD” situation ethics.

Throw those damn bracelets away, burn them! :mrgreen:


lol… This has nothing to do with bracelets :unamused:, or even attempting to gain salvation through works. Spirit lead living is great, but unfortunately sometimes two spirit lead individuals will feel the spirit lead them to do things that contradict each other. This is why we need to interpret the word as best we can to provide some underlying direction.

Now back to my question: Today, we seem to see so many christians caught up in their desire to evangelise that they neglect the welfare of others in the process. I know we should be doing both, and I agree with this. But to get to the heart of what I was asking: What did Jesus prioritise? (Rhetorical) And, what would he want us to prioritise?

I don’t mean in every situation. Obviously if we feel lead to do something, we should trust God and do that. But what would he want us to prioritise in general.

For example: I decide I want to give a certain amount away. I can either give it to starving children in Africa, or I could give it to my church for evangelism in a first world country. If I don’t necessarily feel the spirit leading me either way, where would God most want me to most use my finite resources: time/effort/monety etc. :neutral_face:


Holey Moley, that’s as bad as your last question. Obviously, the answer is “you don’t know.”
Try it again, I’ve always heard the third time is a charm. :mrgreen:


No doubt you’re one of those types that doesn’t get dressed in the morning until God tells you what to wear. :laughing:


Yep, been arrested three times for naked in public when He failed to show up. :laughing:


In all sincerity, I think I know what you are trying to get at Ace, with your WWJD question. It irks me to no end, when I see these clowns spend hundreds to fly off to some far away land, for a ten day foray, that they might earn their prideful missionary wings. How often, seeing through their motives,I have chided these deluded souls. I tell them their monies would be better spent, rather than purchasing plane tickets, sent to the true missionary that lives and suffers 24/7 with these foreign peoples. I go further saying, if they have the energy, volunteer at home. Lastly and most importantly, I suggest they pray about what they do.

Today, my heart was rent and I wept for the orphans, made by Haiti’s disastrous earth quake. Seems today, many little children wander aimlessly searching for their families that no longer want them. What the hell can some self absorbed fly in weekend missionary ever do for them! Send your money or spend and care for those hurting around you, is a rightful mandate in the overwhelming majority of missionary causes.


James 1:27 and Matthew 28:18-20 seem to be saying to do both. :wink: