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What's Is Everyone's Favorite Religious Movie?

Perhaps to help you decide, here’s an AARP article entitled The Bible Is Back on Screen, where they list their pick for the 10 best Biblical movies. You can also view AMC picture gallery on Most Awesome Religious Movies. Mine is King of Kings. What about you?

Mine is The Mission. I love how the Kingdom of the World is contrasted with the Kingdom of God!

Ben Hur is one of my favorite, if not my favorite. I love the line, “I felt him take the sword out of my hand.”

An old favourite of mine is ‘Kelly’s Heros’ – I used to watch it “religiously” :mrgreen: . I particularly liked the character ‘Sgt. Oddball’ played by Donald Sutherland. :laughing:

Life of Pi
If I had to pick a Christian movie then Facing the Giants is a good ol’ inspiring football movie. I really liked the Bible series on History channel.

Not tryin’ to go all religious on you, but The Gospel of John really is my favorite. And then the Jesus Movie.

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Fireproof with Kirk Cameron

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Maybe this isn’t a “religious” movie by some standards, but mine is “Narnia” (the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe).

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Great movie. I remember the impression it made on me even as a child.

Narnia is really cool! It’s one of the few movies I’ve seen like 5 times. Right on, Paidion.

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My favorite scene in a religious movie was from this film: produced by Johnny Cash, if I remember rightly.
The scene was the crucifixion; Jesus’ head fell toward his chest as He died; then the scene was transposed to a street corner in L.A. where a drug deal was going down, and another corner where some working girls were plying their trade - this is all if my memory serves - and some other transpositions as well. It was deeply affecting.

I enjoy The Matrix and Lord of the Rings also.

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Mine is The Gospel of John as well. I’ve been a Christian almost 40 years and it changed my life. I went to visit a friend with it and we watched it three times in two days.

They were going to go on and do the other Gospels but the money thing stopped them. Christopher Plummer narrated and did such an excellent job.

I saw Ben Hur when it first came out - I was an atheist then - but it affected me - but the same thought dominated me as it had all through my childhood - “I wish Jesus really had risen from the dead.” Little did I know.

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Yep. Not only is Ben-Hur my favorite religious movie, but it is also one of my top five movies of any sort.

The Natural was pretty awesome, as was Field of Dreams.

Though probably not thought of as a ‘religious’ movie, THE FAMILY MAN, made a big impact on me. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it. There are very subtle illusions to Christianity throughout the movie, but, whether or not one catches that, the message it gives is clear.

I also thought Narnia films, both the Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe, as well as Prince Caspian were great, but, then, I am a big fan of C.S.Lewis.

Another one that stands out in my mind is It’s a Wonderful Life, that timeless Christmas classic.


The Young Messiah was really, really good. Plus, Sean Bean!

If you liked Facing the Giants, check out 23 Blast. It’s a true story based on someone I went to seminary with, who is himself now a pastor as well.

That looks like a fun and inspiring movie, STP!

I’m not sure which is my favorite. Some already mentioned are up there. I would add:

The Robe

The Passion of the Christ