What's Is Everyone's Favorite Religious Movie?


Yep. Not only is Ben-Hur my favorite religious movie, but it is also one of my top five movies of any sort.


The Natural was pretty awesome, as was Field of Dreams.


Though probably not thought of as a ‘religious’ movie, THE FAMILY MAN, made a big impact on me. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it. There are very subtle illusions to Christianity throughout the movie, but, whether or not one catches that, the message it gives is clear.

I also thought Narnia films, both the Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe, as well as Prince Caspian were great, but, then, I am a big fan of C.S.Lewis.

Another one that stands out in my mind is It’s a Wonderful Life, that timeless Christmas classic.



The Young Messiah was really, really good. Plus, Sean Bean!


If you liked Facing the Giants, check out 23 Blast. It’s a true story based on someone I went to seminary with, who is himself now a pastor as well.


That looks like a fun and inspiring movie, STP!


I’m not sure which is my favorite. Some already mentioned are up there. I would add:

The Robe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Robe_(film)

The Passion of the Christ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Passion_of_the_Christ


My wife just watched ‘Come Sunday’ on NFlix. True story of Carlton Pierson, a black minister who trained under Oral Roberts, and then broke away because God spoke to him concerning the falsity of ETC; so with that and looking at the scripture, he adopted universalist theology. Of course, he then lost his church over it but recovered eventually and now pastors a large Universalist Unitarian church in, I think, Tulsa Oklahoma.
I will watch it tomorrow - my wife was very impressed with it. Martin Sheen plays Oral Roberts (!) and apparently does a good job.


Great movie!


I don’t have a favorite religious movie, but I love love LOVED the series “The Bible”. It was on netflix I believe for a while, it may be gone now, but it made me think, made me cry, gave me hope, I know it wasn’t perfectly biblical, nothing ever is, but I just adored that series.


I liked that movie a lot as well, very freaking good. And as cheesy as it is? RUTH on pureflix is pretty good, it’s… B Grade, but something about it is still very heartwarming.


The Apostle, starring Robert Duvall. Not only is it my favorite religious movie, it’s one of my favorite movies period.


@DaveB interesting that Pierson now pastors a UU church. Aren’t UUs not Christian? Is Pierson still Christian?


As far as I know, qaz, he is his own man and preaches Christ - and walks the walk, most importantly.
That’s about all I know.
Some UU’s are way out there. Some, like me (though I don’t attend a UU church around here - I don’.t think they’ve even Heard about Jesus ;-)) - consider ourselves very orthodox.


Thanks DaveB. I’d love to attend a UU church that was Christian. Unfortunately, the one near me sounds like the one near you – vague pluralistic spirituality that tries to be everything and therefore ends up being nothing.


Amen :grinning:


Not my fav of all time, but some here might want to check it out:

The Encounter (I) (2010)


Paul, Apostle of Christ: Official Trailer | Now Playing


Origen, I’m very fond of “The Robe” also. But I guess I’m still a child at heart. My favourite is “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” based on C.S. Lewis’s book with the same title.

You can see it free on You tube:

OH! OH! When I tried to watch it, all I got was a dark or black image. However, this earlier version works:


Not the most accurate portrayal, but it made Jesus 3-D to me, and touched my heart, back in ’73—


As a pastor, for 7 years, I sponsored a monthly potluck dinner and movie (on a Christian theme) night.

The British Film Academy once voted “The Mission,” starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons, as the best movie of all time on a spiritual theme. I agree with THatch’s vote for this movie. The Screen Actor’s Guild voted its musical score the 17th best ever–and the movie’s not even a musical. More specifically, I’d say that the movie contains the most gripping conversion scene ever put on the silver screen and that the moral dilemma it portrays is also the most profound in movie history. That said, it is too slow-paced for many American short attention spans. See the trailer here:


My 2nd favorite is Ingrid Bergman’s greatest acting performance in “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness,” a movie based on the true story of the most influential Protestant female missionary of all time, Gladys Aylward. Many critics said that her performance here is superior to the one that gained her the Best Actress award the previous year, but that the Academy didn’t want to give her the award 2 years in a row. The movie is old and dated(1950s), but I was deeply moved by this story of a humiliated cleaning lady who was constantly reminded that she lacked the ability to be a missionary to China. Happily, I just discovered that this movie can be watched in its entirety here: