Rather than add another avenue to a “BA five way stop discussion” I thought to share my post here. This short message speaks to the everlasting nature of the White Throne Judgement and the Awesome Day of the Lord. It seems in our desire to define the aforementioned subjects we have a tendency of making them much too small. This spurious mindset “defining toward smallness” is also, I believe, the backbone and spirit of the orthodox teaching of “eternal hell” which above all paints “Cross and Christ” small. I began this message by quoting a verse Todd had used in a prior message.

Have we not all been there and thus we realize the bite of the serpent is it’s own antidote.

As far as the White Throne Judgement, we must come to realize the throne is synonymous with He who sits upon it. And He is, was and ever will be, so His judgement likewise. How great is this white throne judgement? Please allow me to share the anointed words of my friend Elwin Roach.

“He is the KING of kings, the LORD of lords, the SUPREME HEAD of all creation; and His shining character of ROYAL MAJESTY joined together with all the other characteristics of His nature make up THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT. It is this throne, the WHITE ONE, the RIGHTEOUS ONE, the GODLY ONE, that shines with judgment into every heart that hears the Voice of the Son of God. It is this judgment with which every soul is salted at one time or another. It is the judgment of LIGHT, LIFE, FIRE, CRISIS, and DAMNATION.” (end quote)

So we could speak likewise of the awesome DAY OF THE LORD. He is the DAY and His Day is today for those that hear His voice. So it also might be further said, “everyone hears His voice as the whole of man’s experience is made for such.” Not yet is it, that everyone recognizes His voice, but the Good News is all will.

So often we seek the the things of the Kingdom not realizing the King. We grope in the shadows while the Person casting the shadow stands in our midst. God helps us.



Hi John,

Nice post!! I agree. NOW is the judgment of this world. NOW is the day of salvation.

You said:

AMEN!! Christ told the thief on the cross: “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise”.

Before I realized the significance of this statement (and the fact that Jesus Christ ~is~ THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE) I used to use what I will call ‘the comma argument’ to support my former believe in ‘soul sleep’. But then I realized the spiritual significant of what Jesus was telling this thief on the cross …

TODAY (when you hear my voice and harden not your hearts) = THE DAY OF THE LORD

Christ comes AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT (to those who SLEEP) to “awake” the “dead” so that they might have LIGHT and LIFE in THE DAY of the Lord … and when THE NIGHT is past is is “as YESTERDAY” which is also equated to “a thousand years” making it all ONE DAY unto the Lord, one day that is ‘divided’ between THE NIGHT and THE DAY… between the darkness and the light… between death and life… between the dead and the living (Christ being Lord of BOTH, God having a Covenant with both THE NIGHT and THE DAY).


Well bless you my friend and welcome. I highlight that above because I used to watch you and others wrestle the resurrection on Kim’s board. You were a tough defender of soul sleep back then. I peek over at Tent sometimes and I was blessed to see you had reformed your beliefs on soul sleep. I delight with the thought you will now be sharing here. some of your insights, into our Lord and His Kingdom.



Kim and Tent, huh?

Yep, it was Kim’s patience and many questions - that in the beginning I always had “an answer” for… but eventually didn’t… that brought me out of my belief in ‘soul sleep’.

Now… I recognized a few names here but yours (being so common I guess - or maybe ‘another’) wasn’t one of them. :smiley: Now I’m CURIOUS!! :wink:

But you certainly aren’t… that little bit and I already gave away my identity? :laughing:


Not that I was trying to hide my identity. Just figures I’d use something different for a change and use my MyChurch name here, not realizing there are some (maybe many??) here that I already know. Is it a small WORLD or just the small circle (UR) that we travel in that makes it so? :smiley: