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Why debate Theology?

Discusses the question that is asked around here from time to time. Does he make good points? Are debates always ‘ungodly strife’?

The reason for debating theology is to attempt to arrive at Christian truth.

I think we should do it to find Truth.

Did you think he made some good points as well?

This reminds me of a song! :crazy_face:

Yes. I liked his style and to pick one point, I enjoyed his reference to Apollos who, although an amazingly educated man, was still willing to learn and come into greater truth.
How many of our church leaders are still open to greater truths? and am I still open to greater truths myself?
I don’t know how often we’ve all had opportunity to speak to ‘ministers’ and leaders in a church but do we find that they will genuinely consider a ‘larger hope’ or do we find that a barrier is immediately erected possibly because such a larger hope would threaten their status and livelyhood.

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