Why would a loving God?


So many people in the theological battlefield seem to ask “Why would a loving God send everyone to Hell”? Of course ETC advocates say “to respect man’s free will” and EU advocates say something depending on the definition of Hell given; “to purify them” or “he wouldn’t”.

But my question might be this that so very few really ask. Why would a loving God send everyone to Heaven?

ETC advocates say, “he wouldn’t”. But what would the EU advocate say?

Because God loves all of his children and wants them home.

Because God desires it.

Because God wills it.

Because God gave his Son for it to be possible.

Because God gave his Son for it to be done.

Because God worked to achieve it, and works to achieve it.

Because God respects man’s need to be free from sin.

Because God made man for that purpose; union with him.

Because God respects His Own freewill.

Because God…?

Discuss, ponder the question, and fill in your own blanks. :slight_smile:


If God is love, then it would be his nature to find a way to get all the prodigals home. (2 Sam 14:14)


Because God could not be held by the grave, which He willingly went through to break the power of death over us. If death could not stop God…could our best arguments or any defense we erect against Him? as said above, He wants the prodigals home. It doesn’t matter if we only returned because we lost everything, He is our father and He loves us.


I really like that! Thanks for that encouraging thought!