WikiPedia Article Will Be Discreditted.


There are those who decided to take the time to discredit the arcticle and disregard the references.

So if anyone is serious in actually stating this belief, I would hoppe we could get some help by true academics on this subject.



That’s frustrating! :angry:

I wonder if Jason or Talbott would be interested in helping (Robin is already helping me with other things, so I don’t want to overburden him)?


I sent out a call for help, and not many answered. I have tried to upkeep the article since 2007 and now I don’t have the patience or the ‘credentials’ that the moderators Wikipedia is asking for. So I will let the article dissolve and leave it in the hands of enemies who wish to discredit it.


I’ve tried too and have asked others too :neutral_face:


Perhaps after I finish my book, then I might have time for it. Sorry, but definitely not before I finish.


Why can’t it be removed by those who originally posted it until such a time as it can be fixed and then reposted?

Why leave bad work online?



I don’t have the credentials the Wikipedia editors are apparently asking for, either, so I wouldn’t be of any help (supposing I had the time and energy to do so along with my other projects, which I do not.)

It’s true that it would be better to take the entry down rather than let it stay on line, but Wiki is a popularly run and operated encyclopedia, so all that would happen is that the opponents would immediately put up their own page again.

If the editors are such that they will allow people to edit down or eliminate entries or references without investigative challenge, then anyone wanting to keep up that page will pretty much have to accept a lifetime evangelical call to do so. Such a call hasn’t been made to me, but maybe it has been (or will be) made to other people.


I did and I got in trouble for SECTION BLANKING, namely the SECTION I blanked was the NEW SECTION which says that all Universalist works of the 19th and 20th Century are obsolete and irrelevant references.


The fact that the enemy has to stoop so low as to bias the very article should be enough to show its greater validity in the face of its contrasting view; Eternal, exponential, ceaseless, literally God forsaken, torture - vs. Rehab, Restitution, Restoration, and Resurrection.