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Wise men Seek Him Still




Very nice. Merry Christmas ya’ll :smiley:


Interesting presentation, Eaglesway.

Yesterday, I went to visit family and friends. Then on to the community mega church, that had 5 Christmas eve services - with a full band. All singing contemporary and modern variations of Christian Christmas songs. And I even spent 2 hours, watching a PBS show, on the history of Buddha. I’m still convinced that Christians can adapt his meditation and contemplative methods, for sitting in silence - like I have.

And while I am not English, I do try to celebrate the tradition of Boxing Day. The trouble is, I can’t find any boxing matches on TV - to watch. :laughing:

And now, I am listing to the Wheaton College Christmas Festival, on WDCB public radio. Then on to hear Joel Osteen on TV.

Happy holidays, everyone.


Thanks for sharing Eaglesway!