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Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History

by Greg Jarrett

A good book. Filled with those pesky ‘facts’ that should be read by anti-Trump folks, but sadly won’t be, as the author himself pointed out.
So there’s the truth - Truth - behind the Mass Delusion that racked the country for 3 years, and is still going on, and the Truth won’t make it to the MSM, or to those ‘fair minded’ Democrats who blindly follow that media or worse, their Party leaders.
But still, it stands as a witness. I learned a lot from it.

Yet more politics Dave :question:

Isn’t life today all about politics, Davo?

It’s a book review. I wasn’t trying to start a thread.
It’s not politics as usual, Davo. You don’t, I think, really understand what is at stake. It’s not conspiracy theory, it’s actual deconstruction of a country, rule of law, basic freedoms, sexual identity - the fabric of our lives.
As I’ve said - don’t read my posts if you don’t want to! I’m sure others feel the same as you do, but they continue to fight back, so my guess is that they are as invested in this as I am.
I care about politics because things decided on that level determine freedoms or lack thereof for the rest of us. We can’t ignore it. And right now, you may not see it, but the country is walking a knife edge.
Just don’t read it, fella, it doesn’t affect you directly anyway, does it?

I think this sums up the perception of those on the far Left and far Right.
I think many dealing with daily life weary of everything being centered on politics.

True enough, so I don’t… this like the other political posts I’m giving the MUTE status in my tracking options; and here I was thinking you were trying to contain yourself…lol

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And I learned a lot, from these Got Questions articles. :wink:

Along with watching, these short political videos. :crazy_face:

Dave 2.0 to Davo

This looks like a job, for an “aspiring” - you know what. :crazy_face:


It’s a book review. Of a well researched and insightful book. It happens to deal with something political, trying to get to the truth of something that has affected America negatively for 3 years and, if left unchecked, will plague future presidents, if we still have them. I think that is important. If you don’t, for God’s sake just don’t read it.
OTOH, if you cannot see the relationship of politics to Christian freedom of expression, to religious liberty in general, to human freedom most generally - well you need to be ‘woke’ - but not in the Leftist sense lol.

Sounds like a good reason.