Writing long posts


So you’ve been writing long posts and when you click submit you get a “cant find page error” or some other error.

We’ll so am I :slight_smile: and I own the site LOL!

I’ll be looking into this.

For now I can only advist that every 5 minutes or so you might click the preview button. I believe there is some timing error in the software which is timing out and not allowing the post to go through.

I hope this is helpful.




As a web developer I always advise people to compose their long posts off-line (a simple text editor is adequate) and then copy and paste them into any forum editing form.


Ditto! Can’t seem to get my Mom to cotton to that idea…

That being said, I admit to often composing… um… relatively lengthy (by normal standards) posts in the box here. :mrgreen: Mainly because it’s annoying to have to reformat it when I drop the message back into the window from my text editor.

I’ve never had a time-out problem before; but in the past week or two I have been having mere connection problems where attempts to access the forum go to a Netopia screen instead. (Internet access works fine on other sites at the same time.) This has led to the loss of at least one, maybe two compositions: my ‘save’ doesn’t access the forum.

Fortunately, I’ve started copy-all-ing my composition to the clipboard before saving. :sunglasses: Then if the save fails, I can still post from the clipboard into a text file somewhere. (So long as I don’t reflexively empty the clipboard doing something else meanwhile…!)



If you look at the text version of a formatted post here you will see that the mark-up can all be done in text anyway (such as the



I often type that manually anyway, too. :wink: